About us

Who We Are

We are a multi-disciplined contractor with a service portfolio that covers track, trades, civils, OLE, signalling and telecoms along with trackside lighting and safety barrier fencing.

In this respect we are a forward-thinking business that has the ability to undertake large scale contract works delivering a variety of services such as structures, track drainage, earthworks and lineside infrastructure works under one umbrella.

We have established a network of offices across the whole of the UK where we pro-actively recruit from within the local community to fully support our clients on a National Basis.

What We Do

As a contracting organisation, we engage highly skilled and experienced personnel such as Technical Professional Heads, Subject Matter Experts, Discipline Engineers and Project Planners.

This enables us to provide our Clients with an exceptional wealth of knowledge when engaging with them to understand their contract requirements, operational challenges and delivery objectives.

Our delivery teams are supported by a seven strong safety department who are extremely pro-active in supporting our workforce not only for safety but also in occupational health and physical and mental wellbeing.

Adding Value

We strongly believe that innovation is the key to improving performance, efficiency and delivery and we plan for the long-term by ensuring ongoing investment in R&D and innovation.

It is our ambition to become a Carbon Neutral business by 2025. In this respect we will transfer all company electricity and gas usage to 100% renewable energy providers by September 2022. We currently offset 100% of fuel carbon emissions through the Allstar Eco-Point carbon mitigation programme.

We are committed to the ongoing development of innovative products and technologies to support the delivery of our services. Please see our innovation page for more details.


ISS Labour is part of the Specialist People Services Group. SPS aims to bring together businesses that share a common commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and the highest levels of compliance standards and are recognised as market-leading specialists in their respective sectors. Other businesses in the SPS portfolio include Driver Hire Nationwide, Driver Hire Training, dh Licence Check and Driver Hire Australia.

Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Our corporate responsibility strategy is underpinned by the following key principles:

Leadership: We are passionate about our workforce and strive to support and inspire them to achieve their ambitions both professionally and personally. We invest in our colleagues and empower them to become the best in class.

Engagement: We strive to leave a positive legacy within the communities that we work and engage at a local level to provide support, investment and meaningful opportunities. We have appointed community liaison champions at each of our offices to drive forward our approach.

Inclusivity: We are inclusive and celebrate individuals within our workforce, business partners and supply chain respecting them for whoever they are, and we value the diverse perspectives and values they bring to the business. Our Central Services Director Nicki Sunderland champions our strategy and leads our EDI initiatives.

Sustainability: We work closely with our colleagues and supply chain partners to make sustainable decisions in all that we do. We are committed to leaving a positive footprint in the communities we operate and the world in which we live. We have appointed sustainability champions at each of our offices to drive forward our approach.

Strategic Partnerships