Gold Safety Award for member of ISS Labour

We are pleased to announce that Fred Wellington who works from our Caerphilly office has been presented with our prestigious Gold Safety Award for his outstanding actions in preventing a potential suicide on the Infrastructure. On March 7th Fred arrived for work and as he was about to commence his duties the signaller contacting him to say a figure had been seen by a passing train near to the track and the signaller asked him if he could investigate. Fred walked towards the station and spotted a young lady who seemed to be in a very distressed state. Fred calmly talked to her and persuaded her to come away from the edge of the platform and escorted her back to where his company vehicle was parked and asked the signal man to call the police. Fred told us “while we waited for the police to arrive I just talked about any old thing to try and take her mind off her troubles, it was clear she had intended on stepping out in front of the next train. She told me that she had lost her father and for a couple of months she had been hearing voices telling her to end it all. I kept talking to her until the police arrived and took her to hospital. I am so glad she is safe and getting the help she needs now”.

Tim Kirkham our Managing Director Track and Trades who presented Fred with the award said “We are so very proud of Fred, his calm actions in what was a very difficult situation ensured that a potential tragedy was avoided”. In recognition of his actions ISS Labour will be treating Fred and his Wife to an overnight stay in a hotel with dinner.