ISS Labour Colleague Wins Don’t Walk By Safety Award

We are pleased and proud to announce that our OLE Isolation Supervisor (Liam Sheehan) who is seconded to Carillion Plain Line depot at Preston has been awarded the Lifeguard’s don’t walk by safety award for contributing towards keeping the workforce safe. Liam has been awarded the safety certificate for reporting several close calls and by leading by example. On one occasion Liam reported approved access steps in a poor condition that could have to lead to staff injuring themselves. Following the reporting of the unsafe access steps they were repaired and safe to use for everyone working on the Rail infrastructure.

Colin Kelly, our OLE Director met with Liam last weekend on site at Gravel Hole to thank him in person. Colin commented “we encourage all our staff to follow Liam’s lead with attention to safety and report all close calls”. A great example of safety first by our ISS staff.