ISS Labour Liverpool Limestreet Blockade Stage 5

Both our track and OLE divisions have recently been busy supporting the Liverpool Lime Street stage 5 blockade over the last 8 weeks for our client S&C Northern Alliance. Our resource division have been supplying over 90+ safety critical staff every day including supervisors, engineers, crane / machine controllers, COSS’s and track workers. Our OLE division provided OLEC supervisors, OLEC3 linesmen, construction managers and CRE’s.  We also supported the Buckingham Group who were the principle contractor for the project with Safe Work Leaders throughout and an experienced isolation planning manager.
Our ISS Labour track division was the principal supplier throughout the 8 week blockade and was instrumental in remodelling 14 S&C units, 18 S&C abandonments, 2305 meters plain line and 630m drainage works
The workforce were briefed on good neighbouring policies which included politeness at all time, minimising noise and light pollution, considerate parking and driving through residential areas. With LLS Stage 5 being in the operating station, staff were briefed on public interface and that they must be polite and courteous at all times and be mindful that the station was still operational.
The OLE division have also been providing isolations on behalf of Network Rail for the full duration of the blockade which involved issuing nearly 1600 overhead line form C permits to work. The isolations superseded several times over the 8 week blockade and our teams assisted with section proving.
Our track division are supporting S&C Northern Alliance on Derby remodelling until October 2018.