ISS Labour Makes Donation to Derby’s Royal School for the Deaf

Having heard the Headteacher at Derby’s Royal School for the Deaf appeal for funds to help pay for a specialist speaker system at the Dinner at a recent Roundhouse event, Gary Beeston, the Managing Director of ISS Labour decided to make a donation to the school.  The ‘Front Row’ speaker system allows the deaf or very hard of hearing pupils to hear what is being said regardless of where they stand within the hall.  More importantly perhaps, it also allows them to see the sign-language that is accompanying the spoken word.
The school already has a Front Row speaker in the School Hall but the donation will allow a second speaker system to be fixed in the gymnasium where, in addition to sporting activities, the school holds its open day and public events.  Having a second fixed speaker will allow the school to purchase a mobile system with the remaining funds, which can be used anywhere around the school.
The photo shows ISS Labour’s CEO, Simon Higgens with the school’s Headteacher, Mrs Helen Shepherd after he visited the school and announced ISS Labour’s donation in early November 2017.