ISS Labour NHS Tovertafel Fundraising

ISS Labour are pleased to support the fundraising efforts of the NHS University Hospitals of Derby and Burton to help them purchase a much needed Tovertafel for the dementia ward.  The Tovertafel is an interactive downward projection system that helps to create moments of happiness for those living with dementia and those around them. The interactive games break through apathy by stimulating both physical and cognitive activity and encouraging social interaction. Moreover, the Tovertafel creates treasured moments with family members and carers.
Jane Gregory Senior Sister Ward 6 wrote to us to say “I am writing to thank your company for the very generous donation towards our Tovertafel Fund.  This interactive light source is a fabulous piece of equipment which we are sure will make a huge difference to people living with dementia and their families.  We have a lot of money to raise and your donation not only helped us towards this target bus has also boosted staff morale and determination to carry on fund raising to reach our target.”
If you would like to make a donation towards this very worthy cause then please visit the Just Giving link here.