ISS Labour Partnership with Padley Group

ISS Labour are proud to announce that we have become Corporate Partners with a local charity for the homeless, Padley. We will be working closely with them over the coming year to support them in achieving their charitable aims.

Padley’s Charity Aim
“To support, empower and enable the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our local community to identify, choose and achieve personal positive outcomes in a safe and nurturing environment”.

How Do They Achieve Their Aim
They work with the most socially excluded people in Derby including the homeless, people with mental health issues, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, drug & alcohol addiction and the long term unemployed. Padley provide emergency help and long term support so they can improve their lives.

The Homeless Centre
Open 365 days of the year Padley provide a 12 bed Hostel for people with no-where to sleep. The Day Centre provides food, clothing, showers and a range of services to help the homeless and anyone in need. Their support workers assess their needs and help them to build a plan for a better life.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Padley Group workforce, without them they could not open their doors to the people that need them most. You can organise a team of employees to come and help them complete a specific task such as painting and repairing their buildings, helping them on a fundraising mission such as a bag packing day at one of the supermarkets, or spending a day peeling and chopping the tons of fruit and veg they receive at harvest so it can be frozen and used to feed the homeless over the following year. Our staff will be volunteering at various events over the next 12 months.

Please visit the Padley website here for more information.