ISS Labour Supply Two Major Rail Blockades in the North West

ISS Labour has been supporting the Liverpool Lime Street and Huyton to Roby blockades these last two weeks with the provision of OLE teams, safety critical, track and compound staff.  The OLE division are providing isolations on behalf of Network Rail and have been involved in the planning and submission of all the relevant isolation detail forms prior to the blockade.  They also assisted the S&C Northern Alliance with drafting the section proving documents and undertook the section proving at Roby.  The blockade isolation plans were implemented with several of our experienced isolation teams and supervisors to ensure all works went to plan.

The ISS resource division was the principle supplier of safety critical and track staff to its client, the S&C Northern Alliance, at the Liverpool Lime Street blockade and played a key part in installing 12 point ends and 1500m of associated plain line safely, on time and to a high specification.  They also provided compound and management staff at the principal contractor’s (Buckingham Group) Spekeland Road site, which included the provision of safe work leader 2 and mini-bus drivers.