ISS OLE Teams busy preparing for Christmas

Christmas will be a busy time for our OLE division with a record number of OLE staff deployed to support our key client’s electrification programmes. Our Electrification Engineers will be isolating the Electrified lines across the UK at Glasgow, Doncaster, Liverpool, Rugby, Nuneaton and London.  In addition our OLE construction teams including OLEC2, OLEC3 linesmen, Machine Controllers, OLEC4 & OLEC5  supervisors / Engineers will be installing new Overhead line equipment and undertaking wire slews on the East Coast Main Line and the West Coast Main Line.  Our OLE division have procured and fabricated all the OLE materials in preparation for the OLE construction works and are also managing the supply of MEWP’s, POS reps and Machine Controllers.

On completion of the Christmas works our linesmen teams then move down to London for a New Year Blockade.