SAA Footbridge install at Stirling Station

Our ISSL Isolation teams had a busy May Bank Holiday weekend recently in undertaking over 25 Isolations throughout the UK, including Stirling, Glasgow, Newcastle, Penrith, Liverpool, Birmingham and London to name a few areas. We have deployed over 150 Isolation staff over the Bank Holiday weekend with zero incidents or accidents and 100% staff attendance.

Many of the Isolations were in complex areas with Superseding Isolations, numerous Isolator switches to undertake and our Isolation staff working to several different Supplementary Isolation Processes (SIP’s).

A great effort by all our Isolation Managers / planners and Isolation teams in delivering Isolations in a safe and controlled manner. Our Isolation site delivery teams are supported from 4 OLE offices across the UK by experienced OLE Managers and dedicated resource / admin teams.

A special thanks to our Scotland Isolation team lead by our OLE Depot Manager (Andy Buckley) who successfully planned and undertook another complex Isolation on the SDA project. Our Nominated Person (Chris Kelly) implemented the Isolation and applied close to 100 portable earths and superseded the isolation twice to allow the installation of a new footbridge at Stirling Station. The isolation was also a GBSIP Isolation which involves operating additional Isolator switches and applying unique padlocks as an added safety precaution.